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The new way to organise sweepstakes and giveaways

It might look like a simple online sweepstake app, but this little thing is packed with a wide range of features to allow you to run the best sweepstake experience, ever.

Random Number Generator

Real-time across every device

As the organiser, you can setup your sweepstake on the go and run it either from a stage or casually walking around your event or party. For those that have logged in to participate, they can follow along from their own device. We made sure no one could miss out on the fun (#toiletbreak).

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Customize the look and feel of your raffles

Customize the look and feel

Add your own logo and background image to make your sweepstake more visually appealing to your audience and inline with your brand guidelines.

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Advanced Form Creation and Data Export

Advanced form creation and data export

Turn every event, from trade shows to festivals, into a chance to enrich your customer database with Boom Boom Shot. Customize and seamlessly capture essential data through our registration forms. Easily export this data in CSV format, compatible with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and other spreadsheet tools, to enhance your marketing campaigns effectively.

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Customize rewards for your sweepstakes

Add your own rewards

Add your own rewards to the sweepstakes and display them during each draw. This enhances the excitement and anticipation for both you and your participants.

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A smart giveaway algorithm

That’s right, we made sure that prizes will be distributed to as many people as possible. We want everyone to get involved and have fun. Just note, it is super randomized.

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Simple access

To make sure it’s dead easy to get into your sweepstake, participants simply scan a QR code to get access. We have tested this across many devices and age groups (that’s right our tool is pensioner friendly!).

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1 or many winners, your choice

Decide how many people you want to win, between 1 to 10. If you go greater than 1, then at any giveaway, we will decide to select more than one winner (up to 10).

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Customizable sweepstake triggers

Trigger your sweepstake giveaway in 3 ways:

  • Countdown: define the number of minutes between each giveaway.
  • Random: let us decide when the giveaway will happen within a time period (x to x minutes).
  • Manual: trigger the giveaway yourself (once or multiple times an hour or minute!).
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Notify winners

You can let Boom Boom Shot send each winner a notification email when they get selected. This way your participants do not need to hang around and watch every prize draw. They can sign up quick and easy and then walk away. If they win, Boom Boom Shot will take care of notifying them automatically. They will then need to return to the administrator of the sweepstake to receive their prize. As you may want people to hang around during the sweepstake, this is an optional feature for each sweepstake.

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Email marketing

Picture this: as participants are remembering the amazing event spent with you, an email suddenly drops in their inbox. It’s the game thanking them for their participation and containing a custom message written by you inviting them to follow you on social media and informing them about future events. Yes, this is how you turn customers into loyal clients.

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Add custom avatars for your sweepstakes participant

Avatar library

Each participants entering the sweepstakes can select an avatar from a library of your own images. This helps participants associate your brand to your exciting giveaway.

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Social marketing

Add your social handles to your sweepstake event page so that your participants can easily gain access to your socials. We currently support:

  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Bar / Event Menu
  • Website
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Embed your music or videos

Embed Youtube, Spotify or Deezer in your sweepstake event. Play videos or music while running your sweepstake. When using YouTube, the music will stop automatically at each giveaway. Isn’t that just awesome?!

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