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Say hello to modern sweepstakes

Say goodbye to those little pink tickets. Say hello to Boom Boom shot, your DIY sweepstakes app.

Boom Boom Shot is an online sweepstakes app that allows you to effortlessly organise sweepstakes and giveaways. We know that a lot of people are still using those little pink tickets to organise sweepstakes and giveaways at parties and events, so we felt it was time to remove that pain.

Core features

Your sweepstake in a few clicks

Create sweepstakes quickly and run them with minimal effort. Create DIY sweepstakes by customizing the look and feel, the trigger for the count down to start, the reward to be given out and the number of participants that can win at any given time.

Sweepstakes generator giveaways app

Easy access for your participants

Each sweepstake that you create has a unique QR code. Simply share this with your audience, get them to scan it and sign up to your sweepstake. 1, 2, 3 and they are in! We made sure to allow participants to sign up via Facebook, Google or their preferred email.

Sweepstakes generator giveaways app easy access

Real-time experience for everyone

To make sure it’s easy for everyone to join in on the fun, anyone that connects to the sweepstake can follow it on their own device. Either put Boom Boom Shoot on the big screen for everyone to see or simply ask everyone to look at their phone. It’s that simple.

real time sweepstakes

Grow your customer-base

Use sweepstakes to grow your customer-base effortlessly with Boom Boom Shot: download the list of all participants who entered the sweepstakes in a few clicks.

grow customer base

How to setup your first sweepstake

Step 1

Create an account and setup your sweepstake by customising its look and feel and defining how you want it to run.

Step 2

Share the QR code with everyone that you want to join your sweepstake (print it out, share it from a screen or share it virtually).

Step 3

Your participants join the sweepstake by creating an account. After that, just have fun. Manage the sweepstake from a phone, tablet or computer on stage or while walking around your event.

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