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Giveaways + parties = fun. Say hello to Boom Boom shot, your DIY sweepstakes app.

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Boom Boom Shot is a convenient online platform for hosting sweepstakes and giveaways during your parties. Impress your guests by presenting prizes, ranging from beverages to challenges, that will ensure an unforgettable celebration!

Core features

A free party game

Create your next party game with ease. In just a few clicks setup your game, invite your friends and get the party started. Decide what you want to giveaway and then just focus on having fun.

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Easy access to your party game

Once you create a party game, simply share the unique link with your friends or let them scan the QR code with their smartphone. 1, 2, 3 and they are in! Your friends can then add an image and a nickname; let the games begin.

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Bring your music to the party

Easily integrate your Spotify, YouTube or Deezer accounts in your game so that you never need to leave the party. Control the music on the same page where you decide who will receive the next giveaway!

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Many ways to use sweepstakes at parties

Boom Boom Shot can accommodate many different types of party experiences. Be it causal or more formal parties, use the app to break the ice, get people involved and add more fun to the party experience.

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Party Types

Wedding party games

There are so many ways to spice up that wedding of yours. And we love speeches at weddings. Make all of your guests join the sweepstake and through the night, randomly pick up to 4 guests to say something nice (or not) about the bride and groom. It is also a great way to get the party started by randomly giving our shots throughout the night.

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Bachelor/bachelorette party games

We know that lots of things happen at these parties, but one thing is for sure is that most of the time a lot of people do not know each other way. What better way to get to know each other by giving out dares to one another. Use Boom Boom Shot to randomly give our a bunch of dares to different friends through the party. For more ideas, be sure to check out this blog post on Bachelor party games.

party games sweepstakes giveaway

Office parties

We find that the best thing to do at office parties (especially those afterworks), is to use Boom Boom Shot to do giveaways! If you are a larger organisation and want your colleagues to get to know each other, we recommend speed dating! Simply add 2 to 4 winners and make those winners get to know each other (with a shot in hand!). Try it…

party games sweepstakes giveaway

How to setup your first sweepstake

Step 1

Sign up and customize the appearance and details of your sweepstake game for the party.

Step 2

Distribute the exclusive party code to all desired participants through your preferred social media or messaging platform, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Step 3

Your friends join the sweepstake by creating an account. Then, sit back and relax, or manage the game from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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