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Take your parties to the next level with giveaways

Whether you are partying at home with friends, celebrating a bachelor or a housewarming party, you can count on Boom Boom Shot to bring your social event to the next level.

Boom Boom Shot for bars and pubs

Party like crazy

By randomly gifting your guests with prizes (free drink, shot, snack, goodies) in a way close to what one would experience in Las Vegas, Boom Boom Shot will add another layer of excitement to your party.

Boom Boom Shot makes people mingle

Get your guests to mingle

While making new friends may be easy for some people, others can find it stressful and draining. Boom Boom Shot is there to help them: by randomly putting your guests on the stage, they become more confident and warm up to the game.

 4 steps
to party like crazy

1. Sign up for free

Create your account in a few seconds or minutes depending on your mouse agility.

2. Create a new game

When the time is right, start a game and broadcast it to your TV or big screen for everyone to see.

3. Add participants

You can add the participants yourself manually or let them auto-subscribe with a simple QR code.

4. Start the game

Boom Badaboom!

What our users say

“Boom Boom Shot is a great alternative to games like Beer Pong or Stack Up.”


“My bachelorette party wouldn’t have been so crazy without Boom Boom Shot.”


“It kept my birthday party go until 6am. Took me 3 days to recover though 😆.”


Make it fun
with giveaways

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