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Product Updates: January 2023

A lot of things happened on the sweepstakes app Boom Boom Shot during the last few months. Here is a short summary of the latest features the team has developed:

  1. One selection only
  2. Winners notification
  3. Audience export list via csv
  4. Custom sign up field

One selection only

Over the last few months we have heard a recurring question from our users setting up sweepstakes on Boom Boom Shot: can winners be automatically removed from the sweepstake? We are happy to announce that users creating sweepstakes are now able to auto remove winners from the ongoing sweepstake so that they cannot get selected twice. Selected participants can still follow the sweepstakes from their phone. This feature is free for all our users.

Winner notification

The team also realised that Boom Boom Shot is being used for many different use cases, from parties to trade shows, and in most cases participants may Sign up for the giveaway and then leave the venue or get lost in conversation and miss the winner announcement. This is why we have now enabled winners of a sweepstake to receive an automatic email as soon as they get selected. As the organizer of the sweepstakes you also have the ability to add a custom message. We have even heard that some people held off going to the bathroom to ensure they didn’t miss the giveaway announcement, hopefully this can give some relief to those users. Please be aware this is a paid feature of the Bada Boom plan.

Audience export list via csv

Setting up a sweepstakes giveaway is a powerful form of face to face marketing and lead generation tool. This is why paying customer of our Bada Boom plan can now immediately benefit from the ability to download the audience data (email, first and last name — if relevant) as a csv file. This data can then be imported and used in other CRM tools such as Braze, Mailchimp, Hubspot and any other CRM softwares with a .csv upload function. Boom Boom Shot can be your favourite lead generation tool to reconnect with your audience after the sweepstakes to promote your products and services.

Custom sign up field

Paying customers of our Bada Boom plan have now the ability to add a custom field for the participants of their sweepstakes to fill in when entering the giveaway. This allows you to easily gather extra information on your audience (e.g company name, age, etc.). This data will be added to the csv file of each sweepstake.

The Boom Boom Shot team is working hard to make your sweepstakes as powerful and easy to use as possible. head over this page for a full overview of all our features. You have a suggestion or feedback? Don’t be shy, contact us!