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Tirage Au Sort De Noël, Calendrier De L'avent Numérique

Interactive Christmas: Revolutionize your Advent Calendar with Online Raffles

The tradition of the Advent calendar is deeply rooted in the festive Christmas culture. Every day, a small window is opened, revealing a chocolate, a toy, or another little surprise.

But in the digital age, why not add a modern twist to this century-old tradition? With Boom Boom Shot, you can turn your Advent calendar into an engaging and festive experience through a raffle.

Whether at your workplace, your retail store, or to attract new customers in your bar, this guide will walk you through setting up a festive Christmas draw seamlessly with Boom Boom Shot.

The Concept of the Draw-Based Advent Calendar

Instead of gifting a predetermined treat each day, imagine if each window of the calendar was a chance to win a unique prize? Every day, participants can enter a giveaway for a variety of rewards, ranging from small to big. With Boom Boom Shot, setting up such a calendar is simple and efficient.

Tirage au sort de Noël, calendrier de l'avent numérique

How Does It Work?

  1. Calendar Setup: Create 24 (or 25 if you include Christmas Day) separate draws on Boom Boom Shot, each corresponding to a day in December.
  2. Diverse Prizes: Vary the rewards. Smaller prizes could be discounts, samples, or goodies, while bigger prizes might be flagship products, experiences, or even trips.
  3. Daily Engagement: Encourage participants to return each day for a new chance to win. This can boost daily engagement and strengthen loyalty to your brand or business.

Benefits of the Draw-Based Advent Calendar

  • Anticipation and Excitement: The daily anticipation of discovering the prize of the day and entering the draw makes this version of the Advent calendar especially thrilling.
  • Engagement and Interaction: With a daily raffle, participants are encouraged to regularly interact with your brand, thereby enhancing brand awareness and engagement.
  • Flexibility: The calendar can be tailored to any brand or business, from online shops to local eateries.
Tirage au sort de Noël, calendrier de l'avent numérique, Boom Boom Shot

Prize Ideas for Your Christmas Calendar

  • Products or Services: If you’re a business, offer your products or services. It’s also a great way to showcase new products.
  • Exclusive Experiences: Think workshops, classes, or exclusive tours.
  • Digital Content: E-books, video tutorials, webinars, or even festive wallpapers.
  • Discounts and Deals: Offer exclusive discount codes or special deals for your services.


The draw-based Advent calendar is an innovative way to celebrate the festive season. Not only does it add a modern touch to a beloved tradition, but it also offers a unique opportunity to engage your audience in a fun and festive manner.

With Boom Boom Shot, implementing this idea is straightforward and effective. So, why not give it a try this year?

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