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Secret Santa + Boom Boom Shot

Live Raffle and Secret Santa: The Winning Duo for Your Christmas Party

Over the years, Secret Santa has become a fun way to exchange gifts during the Christmas holidays.

The principle is simple: instead of giving a gift to each person, each participant secretly draws the name of another person in the group. This drawing can be done manually with pieces of paper or via an online application (read our article on Secret Santa: 5 Free Sites to Exchange Gifts This Christmas). Each participant buys a gift for the person whose name they drew. On a agreed date, often during a Xmas party, everyone exchanges gifts.

This year, a simple innovation can transform your Secret Santa into an even stronger moment: the integration of a real-time draw to transform the traditional exchange into a more dynamic and exciting experience.

This article explores how the Boom Boom Shot application can revitalize your Christmas party by combining Secret Santa and raffle.

  1. Secret Santa + Raffle = 🌟
  2. Event preparation
  3. Draw Implementation
  4. Tips for a successful Secret Santa
  5. Conclusion

Secret Santa + Raffle = 🌟

The revamped concept of Secret Santa involves a draw conducted on the day of the Christmas event. Unlike the traditional method where pairs are defined in advance, this new format uses the Boom Boom Shot application to perform a random draw. This approach brings an element of surprise and anticipation to the gift exchange, making the event more interactive and engaging.

Revitalize your Christmas party by combining Secret Santa and raffle

secret santa

Event Preparation

Gift Choices

As with traditional Secret Santa, it is necessary for each participant to bring a gift, making sure to respect a predefined price range to ensure some equity and to allow all participants to receive and offer gifts of comparable value.

Application Setup

Using the Boom Boom Shot raffle application requires some initial setup.

  1. Customize the application interface by uploading a logo and a wallpaper in the colors and themes of your Xmas party.
  2. Activate the “one selection only” option so that the application automatically deactivates selected people.
  3. In the options panel (bottom right), adjust the “number of winners” slider so that 2 people are randomly selected at each draw.

Draw Implementation

The Big Day

On the day of the event, setting up the draw becomes the central point of attraction. Launch Boom Boom Shot and start the already configured game with the previously indicated settings from the “My Games” screen.

Broadcast the application onto a large screen so that all participants can register for the draws at first and then later follow the pairs forming.

Once everything is in place, start the draws via Boom Boom Shot. The application, configured to select two names at a time, displays the pairs randomly. Each pair, once announced, exchanges their gifts under the gaze of the other guests, adding a touch of spectacle and surprise to the traditional gift distribution.

Secret Santa + tirage au sort avec Boom Boom Shot


Adding a real-time draw to the tradition of Secret Santa offers several benefits:

  • Requires less preparation: You don’t need to form pairs weeks before the Christmas party.
  • Adds more flexibility: The number of participants can still change until the last moment.
  • Brings an element of surprise: The draw brings an element of surprise and excitement, making the gift exchange more interactive and unpredictable.
  • Guarantees fairness: Since the pairs are formed randomly in front of all participants, this concept eliminates any possibility of favoritism or personal preferences.

Tips for a Successful Secret Santa

Here are some additional tips to ensure the success of your Secret Santa with draw:

  • Clear Communication: Make sure all participants understand the process and rules before the start of the event.
  • Application Test: Do a trial run with the Boom Boom Shot application before the event to avoid any technical issues on the day.
  • Time Management: Plan the draw so that it is neither too long nor too fast, in order to maintain the interest and excitement of the participants.
  • Festive Atmosphere: Decorate the space festively and make sure that the lighting and sound contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.
Secret Santa + tirage au sort avec Boom Boom Shot


Integrating a live draw into the tradition of Secret Santa adds a modern and dynamic touch to Christmas festivities. This method, thanks to the Boom Boom Shot application, not only renews the experience but also reinforces the spirit of camaraderie and surprise.

By following these tips and tricks, your Xmas party will not only be memorable but also imbued with shared joy and excitement. Embark on this festive adventure and watch how a simple gift exchange transforms into an unforgettable moment for all participants.

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