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Boom Boom Shot Product Updates Summer 2023

Product Updates: Summer 2023

As the sunny days approach, Boom Boom Shot continues to evolve to offer an even more efficient and convenient experience for organizing your raffles. Whether you’re a contest organizer, event manager, or simply looking for a fun way to conduct a draw, Boom Boom Shot is the perfect solution for your tombolas and lotteries.

In this latest version, Boom Boom Shot has integrated innovative features that make organizing your draws even easier. Here are three key features that make Boom Boom Shot a leading choice in its field:

  1. Quick Participant Import
  2. Personalized Participant Avatars
  3. Multiple Winners

Quick Participant Import

Say goodbye to endless manual lists of entering participants one by one. With Boom Boom Shot, you can now quickly and easily import the complete list of participants from an Excel or CSV file. This feature significantly saves time while ensuring absolute accuracy in participant registration. If spreadsheets aren’t your thing, you can also import a complete list through simple copy-pasting.

Personalized Participant Avatars

Boom Boom Shot also emphasizes the visual aspect of your draws by introducing the ability to customize participant avatars. You can now upload your own pre-defined icon images to represent the participants. This customization adds a playful and unique touch to your draws, enhancing participant engagement and creating a more immersive experience.

Multiple Winners

Want to draw multiple winners at once? Now you can do it in just two clicks with Boom Boom Shot. Simply slide the slider to select the number of winners you want, up to four winners at a time, right from the draw options menu.

In addition to these new features, Boom Boom Shot brings other notable improvements:

  • Performance Enhancements: We have optimized the application for faster loading speed, smoother animations, and improved data management. Enjoy an optimal user experience during your draws.
  • Animated Background: By default, participant avatars scroll behind the wheel to make the screen more visually appealing. However, you now have the option to disable this feature and hide the avatars for a more subtle and less distracting experience.
  • Various Bug Fixes: We have also addressed minor bugs to ensure a seamless draw experience.

Whether you’re a novice looking to organize your first draw or a regular Boom Boom Shot user, these updates will enable you to make the most of our exceptional solution.

Stay tuned to discover additional features and upcoming enhancements in the next versions of Boom Boom Shot.