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Spring Update: Bringing New Excitement to Boom Boom Shot!

Spring is in the air, and at Boom Boom Shot, we’re excited to introduce our latest features to make your sweepstakes experiences even more engaging and efficient. Grab your favorite spring beverage, and let’s dive into the fresh new enhancements that are blooming this season!

Introducing Survey Magic

We’re thrilled to roll out our new survey feature, allowing you to create and integrate custom surveys as entry forms into your sweepstakes. This powerful tool is perfect for gathering insights, expanding your customer base, and enhancing engagement. Choose from a variety of question types, and use the same survey across multiple events. Plus, easily download your data in CSV format, compatible with Google Sheets and Excel.

👉 Read more about our new survey feature here.

Create and customize sweepstakes survey

Campaigns for multi-day events

Planning large-scale events? Our new campaign feature is a game-changer, allowing you to manage multiple sweepstakes with a single entry QR code. Set specific entry and drawing periods for each sweepstake, simplifying management and enhancing participant experience.

Sweepstakes campaigns

Streamlined Sweepstakes Rules

Ensuring compliance has never been easier! With our update, you can now include a custom link to your sweepstakes rules. Participants will see this link and must confirm their agreement before joining, helping you stay compliant with ease.

Anticipation with the Waiting Screen

Build excitement with our new waiting screen that shows a countdown to the start of the sweepstakes. This feature not only confirms participant entries but also heightens anticipation for what’s to come.

Sweepstakes countdown

Enhanced wheel animation

Experience smoother and more visually appealing wheel animation. Whether you’re selecting one winner or multiple, the enhanced design ensures perfect alignment of participant texts and avatars, even on smaller screens.

Presentation mode

Take your presentation to the next level with our new Presentation mode. Activate this feature to display the sweepstakes wheel in full screen on your laptop, hiding unnecessary panels and focusing solely on the excitement of winner selection.

Sweepstakes wheel

Other Noteworthy Improvements

  • Improved stability across platforms
  • Enhanced performance on older mobile devices
  • Ability to view what a specific participant has won during a specific sweepstakes.
  • New options to quickly create sweepstakes from the list
  • Upgraded text editor for customizing email and survey communications


Spring into action and explore these innovative features designed to make your sweepstakes management a breeze. We can’t wait for you to experience the added fun and functionality of our Spring update. Log in to Boom Boom Shot today, and let the good times roll!

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback as you enjoy these new enhancements in your events. The Boom Boom Shot team is here to ensure that your experience is not just good—it’s great! 🌷

Easier sweepstakes, extra fun. Boom Boom Shot